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Welcome to Hike Outfitters, we are an online collective of outdoor enthusiast that love nothing more that setting up camp and enjoying the tranquillity of the great outdoors. We offer a wide array of products to help support your outdoor activities and have tested these in the field to ensure the best performing products are available to our customers. Our mission is to help encourage everyone to get out and experience the benefits that nature has to offer.


The great outdoors is one of the most amazing and beautiful wonders that the world has to offer. There is no cost to visit it, there are no barriers to who can experience it, however you must prepare yourself to enjoy the wilderness safely. Making sure you have the correct gear will help you stay warm, hydrated and prepared.


Often we get asked, "where should we visit" and our ethos is to simply get out and explore the wonders that the wildness has. You do not need to venture far or spend thousands of dollars to appreciate the stunning glory of a local trail or waterfall hike.


Remember the real reason for heading out into the outdoors is to enjoy yourself. Having safe fun outside is one the best ways to relax, bond and connect with the offerings of mother nature. People fear the outdoors because they fail to prepare and by doing so they have an bad experience, make sure your next trip is supported by Hike Outfitters.

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Inflatable Shower Bag
Our Inflatable Shower Bag is lightweight, portable and durable even after extensive usage. It includes a carrying bag for easy storage and can easily be taken into the wilderness. It allows you to control the water flow easily so you can shower and not waste water.
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